What we do

Agriculture in Africa Media drives transformative agricultural news and information on the African continent. We are your prime digital repository of news and information about rural smallholder farming systems, sustainable agrifood commodity sourcing, inclusive commodity value chains, and agribusiness financing opportunities on the African continent. 

Agriculture in Africa Media is Africa's largest agricultural news publisher.

This service is expected to be a 20-year project starting 2011, when it was known as Agriculture in Ghana Media. Join us on a journey of learning and driving the narrative of Africa's agricultural evolution.

For partnerships, media coverage, project reviews, and Press Release publications, email us at: media@agricinafrica.com

Currently serving: Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Morocco, and Ethiopia

Email us: News@agricinafrica.com

Farmer Helpline (WhatsApp): +233 500 000 996