What we do

Agriculture in Africa Media LBG drives transformative agricultural news and information on the African continent. We are your prime digital repository of news and information about rural smallholder farming systems, sustainable agrifood commodity sourcing, inclusive commodity value chains, and agribusiness financing opportunities on the African continent. Our key operations spans 
1: Rural Agricultural Development;
2: Value Chain Development;
3: News Media; and
4: Fund Management

Agriculture in Africa Media is Africa's largest agricultural news publisher.

Agriculture in Africa Media LBG is a leading non-profit news media organization dedicated to promoting a fair and unbiased discussion about agriculture across the African continent. We believe that it is essential to represent all viewpoints in order to foster productive and meaningful debates. As part of our unwavering commitment to journalistic integrity, we provide a publishing platform for our partners to showcase their work, and we maintain an independent editorial line to ensure that our discussions are credible and trustworthy.


Our team comprises a diverse group of volunteer journalists, reporters, and bloggers who are passionate about agriculture and are committed to sharing their knowledge and expertise with the world. With a deep understanding of the African agricultural landscape and a keen eye for detail, our team delivers high-quality, informative content that resonates with our readers and provides valuable insights for businesses and policymakers alike.


Partnering with Agriculture in Africa Media LBG is an excellent way to enhance your corporate communications or public-affairs strategy. We offer a unique opportunity to reach a broad and engaged audience of industry professionals, policymakers, and consumers who are passionate about agriculture and are eager to learn more. Whether you are looking to promote your brand, share your research findings, or raise awareness about an issue, we can help you achieve your goals by connecting you with our readership and providing you with a platform to share your message.

This service is expected to be a 20-year project starting 2011, when it was known as Agriculture in Ghana Media. Join us on a journey of learning and driving the narrative of Africa's agricultural evolution.

For partnerships, media coverage, project collaborations, and Press Release publications, email us at: media@agricinafrica.com

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