Consultants on Socioeconomic Survey - FERARI

FERARI is a public-private program in Ghana that integrates an on-the-ground implementation program to develop the fertilizer value chain with transdisciplinary research by Ph.D. and postdoctoral researchers, supervised by internationally renowned universities, and to build the research capacity at the involved institutions. The overall objective of the program is to develop the evidence base for the need of a systematic approach to support widespread adoption of balanced fertilizers by farmers in the less developed markets of sub-Saharan African countries, specifically Ghana, as a means to improve their food and nutrition security. As part of its activities, FERARI have engaged a number of farmers over the years and currently seeks the service of consultants for socioeconomic data collection in specific districts in the northern Ghana. The consultant is expected to engage in all community entry activities and together with a FERARI staff, identify the relevant farmers for interview. T

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