Fact-Checking Policy

At Agriculture in Africa Media LBG, we take journalistic integrity seriously. To ensure that we maintain the highest standards of accuracy and reliability, we have a dedicated fact-checking unit within our editorial department. Our team's primary responsibility is to fact-check visual material and claims published on our news website to ensure that the information we provide is accurate and reliable.


Additionally, our fact-checking team works closely with social media service providers such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to fact-check social media content and adhere to third-party fact-check policies. This is crucial to ensure that our readers have access to reliable information, regardless of where it is published.


Our reporters, journalists, and bloggers are trained to understand the power of words and are expected to act responsibly. We encourage our reporters to verify the information they gather, including names, positions, and factual statements and accounts. This ensures that we provide our readers with accurate, well-researched information.


At Agriculture in Africa Media, our fact-checking process is guided by our ethics policy and editorial mission. We take pride in our commitment to accuracy and transparency, and we welcome any feedback or follow-up questions related to our fact-checking process. To contact our fact-checking team, please email us at: factcheck@agricinafrica.com