How to grow yam from the comfort of your compound

Follow these steps to grow yam from the comfort of your compound/home:

Step1 - Get cement sacks or rice sacks, the bigger the sacks the better. 

Step 2- Get ash from burnt charcoal, What you see on that bowl is not cement, It is burnt charcoal ash.

Step 3- Fill the sacks with healthy soil. 

Step 4- You either bury the yam heads or Cut your yam into small sizes, rub the ash on the piece , then bury deep in the sack filled with soil.

Step 5- Place the sacks outside where it can access rain and sunlight.

Step 6- Soon as it starts springing leaves attach a stick to it, so the leaves can climb.

Happy harvest!

Source: Adelaide Tinuke (


Farmer Helpline: 0500000996