BRIDGE-in Agriculture Program in Ghana

African Emergency Food Production Facility

West Africa Food System Resilience Program (FSRP)

Sustainable Cocoa Initiative Support Programme (SCISP)

The African Agricultural Transformation Initiative (AATI)

Cocoa in Cameroon

ECOWAS Agricultural Trade (EAT) Project

Policy LINK Project in Ghana

Sustainable Employment through Agribusiness (AgriBiz)

Climate Data and Information Service for African Farmers on WhatsApp

Water and Energy for Food Funding Opportunity for Southern African Agriculture Innovations

USD1.56 million BMGF Research Grant Funding to International Centre for Evaluation and Development (ICED)

Greater Rural Opportunities for Women 2 (GROW2) Project in Ghana

New program to transform global food systems across key commodities in 27 countries

Baseline Study: Developing Inclusive Grains Supply Chains

Scaling Up Agricultural Insurance in Togo

Increased resilience against drought and extreme rainfall for smallholder farmers in Uganda

Pro-ARIDES (PROgramme Agroalimentaire pour la Résilience Intégrée et le Développement Economique du Sahel)