Baseline Study: Developing Inclusive Grains Supply Chains

Scaling Up Agricultural Insurance in Togo

Increased resilience against drought and extreme rainfall for smallholder farmers in Uganda

Pro-ARIDES (PROgramme Agroalimentaire pour la Résilience Intégrée et le Développement Economique du Sahel)

Multi-year €100 million programme launched to support governance, increase climate resilience, food security, farmer and pastoralists incomes in the Sahel

Ghana: EU-GAP MOAP North-West Organises 2nd Agribusiness Fair and Conference

New Hands-on Tool to Develop Climate-Resilient Development Projects

South Korea Launches US$8 million Grant Project to Enrich Rice Value Chain in Central Region of Ghana

Trade Credit Guarantee Project in Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana

Research Program to Adapt to Climate Change

New Initiative to Create Global Online Database with Animal Production Data

60 Million Grant to Advance Research in Climate Change in Africa

Request for Development of QR Code

Ghana Grains Council, BUSAC Fund Collaborate to Promote Standards in the Grain Industry

Modernising Agriculture in Ghana (MAG) Project