ECOWAS Agricultural Trade (EAT) Project


The BMZ funded regional ECOWAS Agricultural Trade (EAT) project is implemented by GIZ and officially started in January 2022 with a funding of 10 million euros for 5 years. The Project Management Unit is based in Abuja. Major activities will start from January 2023. The project focuses on five countries: Nigeria, Cote d'Ivoire, amd three others to be determined with a the partner.

Budget: Euros 10m

Duration: 5 years

Objective: The objective of EAT is to improve institutional and technical requirements for intra-regional agricultural trade in the ECOWAS region and selected countries. The main partner is the ECOWAS commission (Directorates for Agriculture, Trade and Customers), regional organisations and national line Ministries or trade associations.

EAT works on 3 components:

1. Strengthen the role of the ECOWAS Commission in coordinating sustainable gender-sensitive agricultural trade instruments with ECOWAS Member States

2. Support sustainable gender-sensitive agricultural trade facilitation measures and services for traders at border posts and along agricultural trade value chains

3. Improve regional agri-trade promotion services and business performance of the traders

The target group of the project comprises companies, organisations and actors in agri-food sector trade in the ECOWAS region. The supported agricultural commodities are raw, semi-finished and finished products that are traded from farm gate, factory or warehouse to consumer markets.

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