Greater Rural Opportunities for Women 2 (GROW2) Project in Ghana

Tuesday, December 7, 2021: Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA) is pleased to share the launch of the Greater Rural Opportunities for Women 2 (GROW2) project in Ghana, in partnership with Global Affairs Canada (GAC). This project will take place over the course of five years and will exit in September 2026. The goal of GROW2 is to improve the economic and social empowerment of smallholder women farmers, entrepreneurs, and agribusinesses in Northern Ghana.  

Building upon the success of the GROW project, GROW-2 will expand women’s access to green technologies, affordable inputs, market, financial and technical services to reach a total of 40,000 smallholder women farmers, 5,000 entrepreneurs, and 50 agribusinesses (at least 50% women-led) in the soybean, groundnut, and vegetable value chains. GROW2 will continue to advance good agricultural and nutritional practices to ensure year-round food security and includes community-based engagement on critical issues for women’s economic empowerment, namely manageable workloads, and decreased gender-based violence.  

Through this project, approximately 20,000 decent jobs will be sustained or created as we work towards achieving our goal of creating or sustaining decent work for 500,000 people in the agri-food ecosystem by 2030. MEDA is building complementary strategic partnerships, with priority given to Global South-based organizations and work that can replicate and adapt MEDA’s innovations in agri-food and innovative finance. 

MEDA looks forward to beginning the next phase of the GROW project to continue providing entrepreneurs and farmers with the means and technical expertise to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.

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