West Africa Food System Resilience Program (FSRP)

Budget: $401 million
Duration: 2021-2030
Region: Western and Central Africa
Funder: The World Bank

The development objective of the West Africa Food System Resilience Program for Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, Togo, Chad, Ghana, Sierra Leone is to increase preparedness against food insecurity and improve the resilience of food systems in participating countries. The project comprises of five components. 

The first component, digital advisory services for agriculture and food crisis prevention and management consists of following sub-components: 
(i) upgrading regional food crisis prevention and monitoring systems; and 
(ii) strengthening digital hydromet and agro-advisory services for farmers. 

The second component, sustainability and adaptive capacity of the food system’s productive base is to enhance the resilience of the food system’s productive base and contribute directly to the great green wall initiative (GGWI). It consists of following sub-components: 

(i) consolidate regional agricultural innovation systems; and 
(ii) strengthen regional food security through integrated landscape management. 

The third component, regional food market integration and trade will serve as a low-carbon climate adaptation mechanism, by balancing food production across intra-regional spatial production volatility driven by climate change and increasing the pace of response to these climate-induced food shortages. It consists of following sub-components: 

(i) facilitate trade across key corridors and consolidate food reserve system; and 
(ii) support the development of strategic and regional value chains. 

The fourth component, contingent emergency response component (CERC) is a mechanism for financing eligible expenditures in the event of an emergency precipitated by a natural disaster.
The fifth component, project management will focus on all aspects of project management including equipment and materials, compliance with fiduciary, procurement and safeguards (environmental and social) requirements, monitoring and evaluation (M and E) and impact assessment, knowledge management and communication.

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