Farmer Helpline Service in Ghana: Dial 0500000996

Farmer Helpline Service in Ghana: Dial 0500000996 

October 31, 2016 


Accra, Ghana - Delivering vital, actionable information to smallholder and commercial farmers in Ghana is essential to improving farm productivity, generating revenue and improving livelihoods especially in rural farming communities. Agriculture in Ghana is increasingly becoming more knowledge-intensive, thus having access to timely, accurate information that is tailored to specific locations and conditions is critical in helping farmers make the most of their resources in often changing circumstances. 

Despite significant advances in technology, farmers in Ghana remain vulnerable to climate variation, poor financial information, drought, poor harvests, weed infestations, and virulent pests. Farming techniques remain outdated, marketing costs too high, and incomes unacceptably low. 

In a market-oriented drive, SyeComp, a social impact Remote Sensing and digital technology for agriculture  company in Ghana is introducing a dedicated farmer helpline: 0500000996

Ghanaian farmers will be able to access localized weather forecast information in real-time, or request agronomic tips such as crop calendar, planting tips, and access pest and disease information. 

Additionally, smallholder farmers across Ghana can send a request for discounted farm survey and mapping services. They can call, send a text message, and or WhatsApp message from any mobile or fixed phone and with any network (Vodafone, MTN, TiGO, Airtel, GLO, Expresso). Standard call rates apply. 

It is a stress-free, dependable source of information that small-scale producers and other actors across the agricultural value chain in Ghana can access irrespective of their locations.

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