Climate Data and Information Service for African Farmers on WhatsApp

The adoption capacities of new farming practices by African smallholder producers and their innovation potential of farming systems changes are challenged due to resource limitations and climate risks. Additionally, limited stock of farmer-led and demand-driven climate-resilient services are available on the continent. 

It is acknowledged that Africa's cropping calendars are changing due to erratic rainfall and temperature changes whiles African smallholder farmers are expected to build farming resilience in the midst of multiple food systems challenges.  

Exploiting gamification strategies on WhatsApp, running on the Farmer Helpline: +233 500 000 996, farmer cooperatives, farmer leaders, farming community heads and non-profit agricultural programmes can request for satellite-derived weather/climate data and information for their farming villages.  Powered by SyeComp, this free initiative aim to improve the adaptive capacities of African smallholder farm families and climate-focused projects in agriculture in Africa.

Farming village data-points in the below-listed countries have been captured already.

Current service covers the following countries:

Ghana | Kenya | Uganda | Zimbabwe | Rwanda | Tanzania | Malawi | Mozambique | Burundi | Zambia

To Request:

Step 1: Save Farmer Helpline  +233 500 000 996 on your cellphone

Step 2: WhatsApp the Farmer Helpline and state the name of the farming village

Step 3: Await a response from Farmer Helpline ( < 33 mins)

For enquiries and partnerships, email: