Climate Change Effect on Ghana's Food Security Position

Ghana's agriculture and food systems are climate dependent and generally recognised as one of the most vulnerable sectors to climate change. 

Agriculture in Africa Media desk research has recorded 4 breadbasket zones spanning Volta Region, Northern Region, Brong Ahafo Region, and Central Region currently experiencing seasonal variability of climate and rainfall.

Active consultations with our Annual Institutional Partners ( AIPs) with domain expertise indicated that these regions are susceptible to unpredictable flooding and drought. The current increase in rain intensity is aggravating flooding events causing riverbank erosion, saltwater intrusion, infrastructure damages, crop failure, fisheries destruction, and loss of biodiversity. 

We believe this has significant implications on livelihoods of agricultural communities, including commodity supply chain, who are mostly dependent of rain fed agriculture. 

Agriculture in Africa Media is putting forward the 5 following solutions:

1: Urgent need to incorporate climate risk mitigation and management strategies in ongoing agricultural initiatives and campaigns such as Planting for Food and Job (PFJ), World Bank Peri-Urban Vegetable Farming Project, Hortifresh project, SATCocoa Project, et al.

2: Need to adopt climate-smart farming strategies including expanding adoption of proven indigenous Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) technologies

3: Creation of farming land banks to clearly to prevent encroachment by urban real estate expansion

4: Proactive use of digital solutions such as hyperlocal weather and climate forecasting models and early-warning information dissemination technologies available from public and private entities. Example: Ignitia Weather Information, SyeComp Localised Weather Forecast, and Ghana Meteorological Agency Weather Updates.

5: Continuous awareness creation and training for farmers, fishers, pastoralists, community heads, and the media.

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