Promoting Enhanced Coordination for Cocoa in Africa

Abidjan, August 20, 2020
- The world's two largest cocoa producers, Ivory Coast and Ghana, have created a joint body to improve coordination in research, price setting and to fight against child labour, The Ivorian Government said on Thursday.

The two countries, which produce around 60% of the world's cocoa, have had prior coordination on the issue of cocoa. This new organization marks a formal step towards closer ties.

The entity, known as the Ivory Coast-Ghana Cocoa Initiative (ICCIG) will promote their cocoa industries internationally and defend their collective position in the global market, the Ivorian Government said in a statement.

The organization will allow the two countries to formalise an agreement started three years ago where they make a joint announcement on farmgate prices at the start of the growing season on October 1, a measure aimed at reducing cocoa beans smuggling across their borders. | Agriculture in Africa Media