AGSMore Resources: Driving Quality Agribusiness SME Development in West Africa

The next phase of Africa's economic growth is the development of its farming and small and medium agribusiness enterprise (agriSME) sectors.  Despite its full potential, agriSMEs in Africa remain constrained with quality outputs and limited growth financing options.

Few institutions have exhibited a level of consistency in service delivery like AGSMore Resources Ltd.

AGSMore Resources Ltd (formerly Ghana Agricultural Associations Business and Information Centre-GAABIC), based in Ghana, has been instrumental in driving positive gains and market linkages for small-scale producer cooperatives, agribusinesses, and agriSMEs.  With a unique combination of training curriculum development and technical backstopping provided by their highly experienced and knowledgeable team of Master Trainers, they have succeeded in bringing meaningful enrichment to the agri food sector in West Africa. Since 2008, AGSMore has led several  agricultural value chain improvement projects and continues to propound the narrative on appropriate and relevant technology provision for agriSMEs and driving low-risk financing  to the sector.

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