Sustaining Africa's Food Systems to Feed Increasing Population

Africa's food system has huge potential to feed millions of underfed and undernourished citizens. Despite the expanding scientific knowledge and decades of international aid, Africa's current agrifood system continue to experience severe limitations to efficiently meet the needs of its people. 

Persistent natural resource conflicts, climate change and the present covid-19 pandemic is causing havoc and rapidly pushing more Africans, especially rural dwellers, into poverty and hunger. Paradoxically, existing food systems in Africa are drivers of biodiversity loss, greenhouse gas emissions and water insecurity but supports economic livelihoods of majority of Africans. Africa's food system is largely driven by smallholder farming.

Africa urgently requires a paradigm shift to improve its nascent agrifood systems. There is need for more home-grown investments in essential food and nutrition research areas,  food production, infrastructure  and strengthening of commodity market systems. Africa craves for resilient food systems to have home-grown support for the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and we owe it a duty to act now!


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