How Solidaridad West Africa Sustains Resilient Cocoa Production Systems


To sustain resilient cocoa production systems, the Cocoa Rehabilitation and Intensification Programme (CORIP) II, funded by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Ghana, has supported the establishment of tree nurseries for agroforestry purposes.

"Engaging in agroforestry is fully in line with sustainability requirements. We are confident that within five to ten years, we will see the effects in our locality." says Kouame Ladji Claude, the Director of Le Rocher, a cocoa cooperative in Sinfra in Cote d'Ivoire.

With the tree nurseries, cocoa cooperatives under CORIP can provide their members with tree seedlings for shade cocoa production.

Agroforestry is one of the good agricultural practices that can help boost productivity and resilience in cocoa production systems against climate change.

Over the years, Solidaridad West Africa has been encouraging and supporting farmers to plant trees on their farms. They receive training on the benefits of having trees on their cocoa farms. This includes soil enrichment, combating deforestation, and income diversification.

News Source: | Agriculture in Africa Media